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I am Clara Lavina, a Filipino Canadian artist and clothing designer. My creations are inspired by my childhood, and my travels to the Philippines and Paris.  These memories always bring a sense of joy and inspiration to my work.  

In the Philippines, I walked on the finest white sand beaches, collected shells, and explored a marvellous world underwater. It was the time I spent living there where I came to treasure my family's heritage, and natural beauty of life by the sea. Most of all, I found genuine love for who I am and where I’m from. 
Travelling to Paris to celebrate my birthday as a child was a very special time. My sister and I wore splendid clothes as we walked into delightful shops for children, enjoyed beautiful pastries, picked spring flowers, and laid on the grass by the Eiffel tower.
My creations reminds me, and I hope will remind others that we can enjoy life through the eyes of a child.



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